The GSB5K is a campaign where I'm looking to find 5000 people willing to donate $1.00 a month, $12.00 a year, to my Art and Entertainment. Instead of asking for a lot of money from one or two individuals, I'm confident I can instead find 5000 people in a '7+ billion population world' that are willing to contribute to the cause!
The target date for this goal is October 15th, 2025. And I will try to keep an active count-meter running here and a few other places and update it weekly on a date to be determined.

How can you contribute to this campaign? The most simple way is through my Patreon. With a Patreon donation you can set up the support process of having $1.00 automatically taken from your bank card on a monthly basis and it will stay static for as long as you're willing to contribute. After that, there is making a one-time payment of $12 through PayPal. This one-time payment takes care of your GSB5K support for one year. And of course if you're a supporter on my Twitch channel you're automatically enrolled as a GSB5K supporter at the Tier 1 support level of $4.99, but the only thing I ask for Twitch supporters is that you maintain at least 3-months of your Subscription in a calendar year and I will keep your name on the GSB5K list.

What is support without reward, right? One of the incentives I'm creating for becoming a GSB5K supporter is getting anywhere from 25-50% off on art and other merchandise I create. This is all just the beginning, so what that will apply to is still being determined at this time. But for now if you stop by my table at a convention and you want to buy a print from me, chances are it's going to be 50% off because you're a GSB5K supporter.

There's plenty more to come! But that means I need to get my butt in gear to create it all. So thank you for your time and keep checking back here or my social media for news and updates as they develop. -Greg Scott Bailey