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10-24-2014 7:48pm  

     Quick head shot commission of Thanos for Joe. About an hour left of PAC Con Day 1!

10-24-2014 7:20pm  

     Sketch cover commission for Erik. PAC Con Day 1 going strong!

10-23-2014 11:48pm  

     Final colors on Ultron from Splash Colors. The print version will have the lines "Now I'm Free... There Are No Strings On Me" #Ultron #avengers #avengersageofultron

10-23-2014 5:11pm  

     Ultron is done and off to the colorist. I'm heading out for PAC Con in Spokane. See you all tomorrow!

10-23-2014 1:58pm  

     Base inks almost done. #Ultron #ageofultron #avengersageofultron #avengers

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