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Facebook Page Updates
03-01-2015 3:23am  

     Rough layout of an "after" piece for Nexus-Earth. "After" meaning it is an homage piece to another artist. I'm sure some of you will recognize it.

02-28-2015 9:05am  

     Okay. It's 8:00am, time for work. Agents of Shield marathon all weekend while I wrap up more commissions. I'll be sharing some Nexus-Earth Universe items later today as well. Tomorrow starts my "1 in 1000" campaign! I'll be updating my gofundme.com page one more time tonight with a video and making sure all the donation levels are set the way I want them. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1, ep1, here we go!

02-28-2015 12:19am  

     I can't deny... I've been down all day. I know that Leonard Nimoy has had a long and prosperous life. He's touched so many of our hearts. And because of that I'm both happy and sad at the same time. I mourn Mr. Nimoy just as I would mourn anyone I care about, who are both directly and indirectly involved in my life. Right now I feel like just working hard for a while. Harder than ever. At a day job. On my art. On my love life and of course for my children and family. Good and decent people in this world, who are successful, have that life because of how hard they work. Up until now in my life I would always find an excuse to put things off one more day, one more week, one more month... until 10 or more years have gone by where I didn't do that thing I wanted to do in my life. Second star to the right, and full speed ahead, Mr. Sulu.

02-27-2015 11:13pm  

     Getting nostalgic tonight and adding to my wish list. For those of you that don't know, I had 12 long boxes of comics stolen from me about 6 years ago. I wouldn't mind getting all my GEN13 books back in my life again. And tonight I got another step closer to doing just that. #gen13 #jscottcampbell #jimlee #brandonchoi #image

02-27-2015 9:29pm  

     Some of my fans/customers know me too well. GEN13 was one of those books that inspired me to want to create my own books and stories. It seems very appropriate to receive a gift like this, especially lately when I'm back on my game to get Nexus-Earth going again. Thank you Robbie for this wonderful gift! #gen13 #jimlee #jscottcampbell #brandonchoi #image

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