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Facebook Page Updates
07-03-2015 10:24pm  

     Scratch paper on top of Bristol. Bunch of projects, including one of the quick sketches of Hulk and Deadpool (with Doctor Doom in the background). I'll be damned if I'm going to let more issues keep me from finishing this work. #commissions #comics #comicart #hulk #deadpool #drdoom

07-03-2015 10:03pm  

     Tonight's drawing agenda; Making further progress on commissions of... 1) Hulk, Deadpool and Doctor Doom. 2) two part piece with Stephen Amel Arrow and Diggle and crew on the other sheet. 3) 1986 Galvatron 4) Boba Fett, Han Solo, Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker 5) Casey Jones 6) Harley Quinn (old school) I've still got a lot of work ahead of me before I can open up commissions again. But if I can keep this new momentum up, I'll hopefully be done with these this weekend. I'll share the ones I'm allowed to as they are finished.

07-02-2015 1:48pm  

     Aaaand one more before shift. #DBW #sketch #copics

07-02-2015 1:36pm  

     Doodles before work continues. #DBW. Now testing out E11 Copic marker on a basic body sketch. I want to lock down some various tones before going back to final art on some pieces. #copics #sketch #sketch #comics

07-01-2015 8:45pm  

     So I'm going to be once again trying to sell more artwork. I've got a new list starting tomorrow morning as long as I'm not working an early shift at work. This time around I'll be putting up as much as possible and starting at low prices. Every bit of funding I can raise right now helps knock down debts from being unemployed. Any questions, email me at mocktales@gmail.com

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