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11-27-2014 3:31pm  

     Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you don't celebrate it, then Happy Thursday!

11-26-2014 5:05am  

     Can't sleep, so I'm awake doing comic convention research for 2015. Seems a lot of the goods and bads I've been noticing are shared amongst my other vendor compatriots. A little validation never hurts. I'm picking out shows that I can do next year, factoring in costs of table, average airfare, hotels, ect. Looks like so far I'm only doing MegaCon for shows east of the Rockies (which is what I wanted to do this year originally). Cost effectiveness: New York (2012 and 2013), Philly and C2E2 were just too expensive to travel to, with hotel and plane eating a massive chunk of my money, and not enough return to justify. Philly hit me the hardest this year and I lost a lot of money going to that show. I will not be atending those three again in the forseeable future. Amazing Arizona was the 2nd biggest loss for me, but I am going to try and go back next year if they still have tables (I feel I'm definitely at fault for the loss at this show). Emerald City Comic Con this year was also a big loss, despite being my hometown show. I'm going to be changing up my set-up there next year. Time to stand out. My best shows this year; Denver Comic Con, MegaCon, Rose City, Pac Con and Jet City Comic Show. These shows had a good return vs. cost of attending, as well as how I feel the shows were ran and feedback from those visiting my table. Crypticon Seattle was fun as usual, but I need more of my Demon and Undead (horror relevant art) pieces done for that show. WonderCon wasn't too bad and I'll try to go again next year. Same with Long Beach Comic Con. Long Beach was okay, but it was another show I needed to do things to stand out more. And wrapping up was Comikaze Expo, to which I should have done better at, but I still had a good time. The attendees did seem to enjoy me there and sales were decent for the inventory I had. So I'll try and go back again next year. Of course what shows I do for 2015 all depends on if I get a job anytime soon. And what kind of work schedule I get. As I progress further I'll naturally update as much as possible.

11-25-2014 3:29am  

     Coming back online briefly with this dream + wishful thinking I just had... I want a zombie apocalypse MMO game. In the context of two formats; a) the obvious first person to third person switch format of shooting and attacking zombies. But then b) a SIMs/SIM City format back at your "base of operations" where you can build, blockade, set up wherever you choose. And then maybe you bring people in. Evaluate them for safety. Work together or maybe one of them turns on you and steals or attacks and you have to deal with the situation. Maybe you forgot to inspect someone and they were bit and now infection is inside your camp? Also, as a strategy game it could be interesting to play a versus or pvp mode. Attack and raid someone else's camp. Defend your own camp too, ect. I would also like the choice of out in the woods, small town or city/metropolitan setting. And you have challenges in living in all environments. Would love to see a Reality mode where you risk going out for supplies and getting food and water on almost a daily basis. I watch Walking Dead. I'm a fan of Dawn of the Dead (old and new version). I play Left 4 Dead 2 a lot. And I love playing, Warcraft 2, Starcraft 1 and 2 and World of Warcraft, as well as SIMS and SIM City Back in the day. This for me would be a combination of everything I love in gaming. However, I'm not a massive gamer, so I don't know everything out there. Does anyone know if there is a game already going for this type of format or one being developed?

11-25-2014 12:55am  

     Going offline for the rest of the week. I'll be back online Friday. I've got tons of artwork to do, most of which I'll share next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with some more updates on both the art in general and Nexus-Earth. Commissions: If your name isn't listed below and you have a commission order I'm working on, please email me at mocktales@gmail.com. I should be done with everyone soon, but I want to make sure everyone is up to date and taken care of. Brandy G. Hemish D. Jeff K. Malkier M. Nalan B. Richard S. Royce V. Shipping Artwork this week: Tim C. William D. New orders: email mocktales@gmail.com. Deadline to order art in time for Christmas is December 5th or when I reach 10 more orders.

11-24-2014 5:50pm  

     Resting a bit today. If I get the energy I'll be back on commissions tonight. Wrapping up pieces for Royce, Brandy, Jeff and Malkier. Then moving on to a few more orders I got in October. I want to thank people again for their patience on commissions. Now that I've had time to draw, I've been all over the place and is getting crazy-fun! But I want to deliver the goods, so I'll be sharing those pieces soon.

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