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09-20-2014 3:00am  

     Ms. Marvel is flatted and off to the colorist.

09-19-2014 11:51pm  

     Finally in my hotel room. The Sean Astin / The Goonies event was fun! I never get to do stuff like that, so I think it was a little extra bonus to my weekend.Garret Wang (Harry Kim from Voyager) hosted and both he and Sean had some good banter back and forth. I recorded one of the questions and answers, but you can't see Sean or Garret, so I stopped recording. I'm going to try and do this more often... enjoy the shows as well as try to work the shows. Anyways, got to finish up some art and get some sleep before the show tomorrow. See you all there!! -Greg

09-19-2014 1:45pm  

     Alright folks, I'm on the road to Rose City Comic Con within the hour. There is still a couple hours left on the pre-buy and Grab Bag sale. Naturally I'll still be on the road when I leave, so as long as I see your email in the inbox, I'll add you to the list! Email me at mocktales@gmail.com I'm at booth #0432 as Nexus-Earth, the ComicBook Universe I'm building. Get used to seeing this instead of my name at shows from now on, depending on the set-up I'm able to get at the shows. -Greg #RCCC #ROSECITYCOMICCON #PORTLAND

09-19-2014 1:36pm  


09-19-2014 10:10am  

     Slots 1-4 are now filled for the Grab Bag offer. That leaves just 6 slots to go if anyone wants to get in on the sale. You also have just about 6 hours left (3:30PM PST) to get in on this sale and then I'm shutting it down for the Convention weekend. Email me at mocktales@gmail.com for questions or orders. -Greg

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