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07-27-2014 7:08pm  

     Tease post for August work: (left to right) Fantastic Four, Inhumans, X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, X-Force, X-Factor, eXcalibur, Avengers pt1 and Avengers pt2. I do all my prelim sketches on these 5x8 photocopy paper sheets. Then either size up 200% or size up on PhotoShop and light box the work on to 11x17 Bristol.

07-27-2014 6:41pm  

     Dinner time. Letting you see one of my sketches this weekend; Ms Marvel/Carol Danvers. To me, I like a good strong upper body on her. Thicker shoulders, thicker upper arms with the triceps toned up more too.

07-26-2014 1:13pm  

     I'm off the internet for the rest of the weekend. All commission orders or questions should be sent to mocktales@gmail.com and I'll skim my inbox once in a while. But I'm off social networking for sure. You won't even be able to send me a private message and get a response until Monday. If you know me and have my phone number, text me. No calls please. I'm busy drawing all weekend. -Greg

07-25-2014 1:31am  

     Started a Star Lord and Gamora sketch. Gamora is trying out Peters playlist.

07-24-2014 8:30pm  

     **CLOSED** 10 slots available for a Limited SDCC (Seattle Drawings & Comic Commissions) Sale! I didn't get to make it to San Diego Comic Con this year. And a bunch of you didn't get to either. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy getting a commission from a fun and crazy artist guy like me, right? I'm drawing any character you want in my art style on a 6x9 card stock. Orders include as many characters as you want at $50 a piece, with the second character or order being half off ($25.00). Inks are $10 more. Limited Copic Colors (grey tones plus color highlights) are another $10. !!Extra Sale addition: shipping in the United States for these 10 orders is free!! *email questions and orders to mocktales@gmail.com **There are commission orders already being worked on from my last set of orders this year. Those will be done first before these new orders will be done. If you have an order in and have any questions about that order, email me at mocktales@gmail.com ***This will be the last time I have commissions open for the rest of the year unless you're on site with me at a convention. **CLOSED**

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