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04-22-2014 6:36pm  


04-18-2014 11:26pm  

     Good night, Facebook. What a wonderful Day 1 for WonderCon 2014. Looking forward to Day 2 and sharing some Wolverine/Deadpool with everyone! Until the morning comes! *crash-thud* -Greg

04-17-2014 3:17am  

     Up all night tonight to get a few more projects done for WonderCon. My version of Wonder Woman is coming along. I'm really digging this piece and I can't wait to say what it's for. Been good with staying off Facebook, so off I go again. I'll try to post more before I leave tomorrow or after I get to Anaheim. -Greg

04-16-2014 4:28pm  

     Just got done confirming everything I need for WonderCon. I'm good to go and will be down there tomorrow afternoon/evening setting up the booth/table! (AA-041) I'll be posting my Facebook banner and helpful info later tonight. I'm VERY excited for this show. It's going to be the first show with some new changes and new items that I'm testing out. I wish I could talk about more too, but I have to keep hush on a lot of the background items. Needless to say, it's just all very exciting for me right now. -Greg

04-16-2014 6:05am  

     Well I guess my body needed the sleep...cause holy crap did I pass the F out last night. Really is a good thing. I haven't been sleeping much lately. Again. But I've also been trying to get artwork done for WonderCon and C2E2. So that's the trade off. Happy Wednesday, everyone. Let's get this party started!! -Greg

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