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10-20-2014 7:39am  

     Getting to know the Sketchbook Express App some more. Feeling giddy cause I'm able to lay on my stomach in bed and draw in the dark without a flashlight. Lol

10-19-2014 11:18pm  

     Sneak peek of a commission I'm working on. I'll be sharing some others soon as well.

10-19-2014 6:20pm  

     Back to laying out some stuff for the week before finishing up some more commissions. Random 12th Fan or Seattle sports sketch for Hawks and Souders fans.

10-18-2014 7:17pm  

     Just breathtaking...

10-18-2014 5:29pm  

     One of the views in Enumclaw at my niece's wedding. Getting a better shot with the new phone than last time I was here.

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