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12-21-2014 1:13am  


12-21-2014 1:00am  

     Ultimate Iron Spider, Miles Morales, is complete. It only took me all afternoon and evening. Lol... sick Greg isn't productive Greg. This piece is only $45 plus shipping. He goes up to $65 plus shipping on Monday, December 22nd. Email: mocktales@gmail.com #spiderman #milesmorales #spiderverse #gregisloopywhensick

12-20-2014 10:10pm  

     Oh I am REALLY liking this one now. Hopefully I'm not delusional from being sick... but this makes me want Miles Morales in the MCU even more now!

12-20-2014 9:44pm  

     Took me three hours since my last post, but I'm finally coloring Ultimate Iron Spider LOL! Oh man I feel so wonky right now...

12-20-2014 6:21pm  

     Ultimate Iron Spider has been coming along. Still not feeling well and my head is so fuzzy. But I'm wrapped in a blanket and just going to color this piece and see what happens.

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