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10-31-2014 4:05pm  

     AA656 Comikaze Expo! Katherine is helping set up some of the final pieces and we're good to go!

10-31-2014 11:49am  

     Comikaze Expo starts today! See me and Katherine French at AA656. I'll have both Ultron "No Strings On Me" and the Stan Lee tribute "True Believers" available. I'll also be doing on site 6x9 commissions. It's going to be a great show. Hope to see you all there!

10-30-2014 6:35pm  

     Here it is folks! Final colors from Splash Colors. You can pick this up at my table at Comikaze Expo, AA656. All online orders go to mocktales@gmail.com. keep in mind that online orders will include shipping.

10-28-2014 11:10pm  

     So tonight I have five different pieces to finish up before I head to LA tomorrow. Hopefully, if done, I'll be adding five more prints to my selection for Comikaze Expo. This has been an exciting time for me! And a lot of you have shown tons of support and I appreciate every bit of it. I want to make the next two shows the best ones yet. I'm excited for Comikaze already and hopefully I can catch up a little bit before I get there. Even though being laid off from work means I should have the free time to draw, it's still had been hard for several weeks to feel comfortable doing anything but sending out Applications and making sure that my kids are taken care of as well. But things are coming along well and I've been able to finally catch up on so much. Just a little more to go and I should be golden!

10-28-2014 10:03pm  

     Picked up two more shirts from @teeturtle at PAC Con. :D

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