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Facebook Page Updates
09-04-2015 8:07pm  

     $20 down. $1480 to go!

09-04-2015 6:52pm  

     First order in progress for my fund raising; Rick Grimes for Kayla. I'll be working on Rick next weekend, so stay tuned for those updates. Any new orders, email me at gregscottbailey@gmail.com. #commissions #customart #artwork #artforsale #rickgrimes #thewalkingdeadamc #comicbook #copics #copicsketch #conceptart #comicart #pencils #inks

09-04-2015 4:53pm  

     Taking a break at work. Gotta be back in a few minutes. I'm looking at a few things and my heart is skipping a beat or two... I'm honestly heading into a desperate situation where I need to make money and fast. Things have been delayed and delayed long enough and I'm hitting rock bottom financially and I don't want to ask people for money. I honestly owe enough folks that I don't want to do that. My kids are taken care of with my paychecks so I've been fine with the debts just being on myself. But my debts outweigh what I make right now and so I need to do what I can to get back on top. And right now it's about making as big of a boost as I can to level out. What I want to do is earn it; I want to get as many new orders for artwork as I can this weekend. Prints, Original Art, commisssions, ect. I need to sell sell sell and do whatever I can to make ends meet. SO... what is your budget? What can you pay? Let's make a deal! I want to get you art and I want to make it work within your budget. Only have $5.00? I can set you up with a metal trading card, a 5x8 print or maybe even draw a headshot of a character! Able to spend more? I'll hook you up. But I need people who are able to step up now and lend there support. Obviously any orders already in progress will take priority. And those orders that are outstanding are currently being finished and set for shipping as soon as I get a few more things caught up financially. I'll be doing another video about all this tonight if I can to explain further and provide some visual examples. And I understand that people talking about needing money online can be annoying. But the thing is, it's what makes the world go around. And I'm wanting to work for it, not just ask for handouts. My target goal is $1500. And I need to make it fast. It might not be a lot to some, and might be way too much for others. But every little bit helps right now. So who's able to jump on board? Email me at gregscottbailey@gmail.com Friends can text or message me here on FB Thank you everyone for your time, -Greg

09-04-2015 1:39am  

     Base-inks done for female Gambit. Will start Copic colors after work while I wait 2 hours for my first bus. #gambit #femalegambit #remylebeau #notchanningtatum #marvel #commissions #customart #artwork #artforsale #pencils #inks #copics #comics #fanart #comicbook

09-04-2015 1:08am  

     HAPPY FORCE FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Anyone who wants a Star Wars commission from me, single character, on a 6x9 card stock, colored with Copic Marker, I'm having a sale of $25 plus shipping. (orders will be drawn and shipped at the end of September) All orders must be sent to gregscottbailey@gmail.com. Sale ends at midnight Pacific time.

More news updates avialable by visiting my Facebook.com page: here

09-04-2015 9:42pm  

     Random sketching on my break. Polly Technolust. Getting rough ideas out for the cover. #pollytechnolust #deviantart #adultcomics #webcomics #anthropomorphic #comics #patreon #patreoncampaign #pencils #inks #copics #comics


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